Note for bands that want to apply for a spot on some of our upcoming events (ah yes, we have only just started!)
- DTM is organised by a band, namely Marche Funèbre.

Preferably mail to

- Chances are that we already know your band, but it's never a bad idea to present yourself by sending a polite e-mail to our HQ's.
Or browse to the DTM facebook account
- Bands/promoters that can offer interesting gigs in return for Marche Funèbre will get more chances. We go for win-win situations, and strongly belief in the power of the UG scene where bands help bands.
- Our main target are bands in the doom metal scene, or closely related to this. As a consequence any power-, heavy-, thrash-, brutal death metal, or -core bands will make NO CHANCE on playing our fests! (although we might like your music)